The Burrell Collection Tapestries Project

Glasgow Museums

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How To Post To This Blog

Once you’ve logged in, it’s very simple to post a blog entry,

1. Click on ‘New Post’, along from the top left hand side of the page. Or click: here

2. You’ll find yourself at the ‘New Post’ page. Posting is similar to writing an email, all of the entry fields (i.e. places where you can write) are the same. Here’s a quickstart guide

with screenshots:

3. Enter your subject heading in ‘Title’

4. Enter the content of your post in the ‘Post’ field.

5. In the ‘Tags’ field, enter keywords relevant to your post. (It’ll make your post more searchable, or ‘findable’!)

6. Hit the ‘Publish’ button

That’s it, you’ve written your first blog post! Click ‘View Site‘ at the top of the ‘Write Post’ page to have a look at your post.

7. Finally, to navigate back to the main page just click on: ‘The Burrell Tapestries Project’ at the top of the page.

Any problems email – or


Written by johnferry

November 13, 2009 at 1:56 pm

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