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Tapestries: A New Interpretation Flyer!

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We are pleased to present the exhibition flyer for Tapestries: A New Interpretation. Please click the link below to downlaod, and distribute to all your friends!

Tapestries: A New Interpretation exhibition flyer


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April 8, 2010 at 2:36 pm

Tapestries: A New Interpretation Friday 16 April – Sunday 11 July

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We are pleased to announce that we will be displaying exciting new works by five Masters of Fine Arts students from the Glasgow School of Art. Each student has created work in response to the Tapestries Research Project, exploring a different aspect of tapestries and weaving. 

 Oliver Braid  explores the concepts of narrative and storytelling, often present within the tapestries, and has created a mixed media sculpture and collage.    

 Rosemary Scanlon presents three watercolours which play with the theme of hunting – common throughout the tapestries – and plays with perspective in a similar way to the earlier tapestries in the Collection.   

Peter Schoeffer is creating his artwork in situ – on the underside of the stairs to our learning room. Playing with the notion of tapestries as wall hangings, Peter is altering the context of the image by placing it in an unexpected place, melding the medieval  with the contemporary. Peter will be working in the museum from the 12 April.  

 Suzie Smith has created two separate works. Divine Wisdom presents the largest tapestry in comic book form, allowing visitors the chance to decide what the characters are saying and thinking.   Suzie has also created two “tape tapestries” made with modern materials.   

Shelton Walker will be exploring the idea of art, of the time spent viewing versus the time spent creating. Tapestries took years to create, yet are often viewed in a single glance. Shelton will be timing how long visitors spending the tapestry galleries, translating this into binary code, and recording this on the windows of the museum. Shelton will be creating this work from 16 April.

Written by lyndseymcl

April 6, 2010 at 1:24 pm